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Whether your application involves welding, lasering,  or even operators in a nail shop, the by-product of the aforementioned processes can be fumes that can harm workers and be detrimental to production. JS ATS offers solutions that when matched with your requirements will produce a safer environment.

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Fume Extraction
Purex has over 30 years of supplying fume extraction solutions unlike any other in the industry. A world expert in its field, Purex is renowned for the quality and reliability of its technology and unrivaled customer support.


Fume Extraction
BOFA is the industry's first choice for fume and dust extraction. BOFA designs, develops and manufactures fume and dust extraction systems for a wide range of industrial sectors and applications. We create technologies that protect the health of millions of workers around the world No compromise, just great innovation to enhance productivity and make the work environment a safer place to be.


AD 350

BOFA’s Advantage 350 fume extraction and filtration system has been designed to provide a cost effective solution for light duty applications. This compact and extremely quiet system is ideal for use in schools, sign making workshops, small scale industrial environments and light laser coding applications.

Purex 200i Volume Control

Model 200i All functions are fully automatic; all the user has to do is set the appropriate airflow on installation. A dedicated control, monitoring and display system unique to Purex fume extractors. Purex filter monitor units are in all our digital units; which is highly recommended for gases and chemicals emitted.

AD Oracle IQ

The most advanced fume extraction solution for high performance laser systems.

BOFA Replacement Filters and Parts

BOFA Replacement Filters and Parts

Purex Replacement Filters and Parts

Replacement Filters and Parts

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