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Next Generation industrial Color UV LED inkjet printing, specifically engineered for high speed direct to object printing on tapered/conical objects. Ideal for printing cups, bottles, tumblers that are metal, glass, or plastic.
The QuadRev 2 is our latest in next-generation industrial color UV-LED inkjet printing, specially engineered for high-speed direct-to-object printing on tapered/conical objects. Ideal for printing cups, bottles, and tumblers that are metal, glass, or plastic.With simultaneous dual object printing and 2×2 shuttling operation stations the QuadRev 2 dramatically improves print efficiency with continuous printing and during print load and unload with a single operator. This printer is equipped with a highly efficient UV-LED curing system and high-speed printheads capable of printingW + CMYK + Varnish (Clear Coat). In addition, the machine comes standard with a UV sensitive sensor to prevent accidental light exposure to the printheads, a visible laser guide to more easily set z-axis print origin, and white ink agitation that operates 24/7. Our QuadRev 2 is THE ideal solution for tapered/conical object printing for short to medium-runs as well as one-off customized/personalized production. The QuadRev 2 is superior to traditional imprint methods such as pad printing, screen printing and digital thermal transfers with low setup and consumable costs.


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